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Meet the market of your dreams. We feature women-made goods and host women-led discussions to stoke the feminine fire within. The world’s a brighter place when ladies light the way.


Revel Girl exists to cultivate a supportive, welcoming atmosphere where women can share their original goods, connect over common threads, and inspire each other to rise and thrive. We believe women deserve not only a place at the table but a place at the center because we are strong, compassionate, fierce, and humble.

Our mission is to curate an equitable, online marketplace and facilitate safe, collaborative spaces so women can grow their businesses and connect through conversation to learn, share, and grow together. Let’s raise the vibration, one woman at a time.



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Call for Women Makers

Hey gals! Want to share your creations with the world? We partner with women and femme makers to showcase and market your wares so you can do more of what you love - create! We strive to curate a marketplace with a wide variety of high-quality goods that you won’t find anywhere else. Have something beautiful to share? Get in touch.