About Kody

I’m Kody, founder of Revel Girl. I created this space for many reasons - to support women creators, to curate collections of beautiful products, and to foster a culture of empowerment. For too long, women have had to live, work, and play within spaces built by and for men. These patriarchal modes of operating focus on progress and profit, not people. They aren’t based on equity, collaboration, and co-creation. It’s time to create new spaces and structures rooted in feminism because all humans are equal, creative, joyous beings that deserve to be celebrated, not commoditized.

I wanted to create a marketplace that paid women fairly for their creations while also relieving some of the burden of running a small business - marketing, networking, administration, and other boring stuff. I also wanted to connect all the badass women in my life who could learn from, inspire, and uplift one another. I wanted a community that raised the collective vibration through encouragement and positivity. I couldn’t really find one, so I made one. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.