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Call for Brands

Creative chicks, unite. This online marketplace was built for our global girl gang. We wanted to relieve some of the burden of running a small business while curating a store of gorgeous goodies and one-of-a-kind finds. If you’re a creative looking to join a community of like-minded makers while expanding your reach, let’s chat.


Who and Why

We partner with women and femme creatives and entrepreneurs who want to participate in creating a culture of positivity and empowerment. When women support women, we all win.

Creatively Curated: We work directly with makers and vendors to showcase unique, thought-out collections, made available here.

Consciously Collaborative: You’ve put so much intention behind your craft and we want to support your endeavor fairly and authentically. We purchase goods at wholesale prices set by the maker to ensure that everyone feels good about every transaction.

Clever Collective: Meet our Revel Girl Roster. This squad of badass ladies are ready to level up your personal and professional game. Find a graphic designer, meditation coach, photographer, nutritionist, and more to raise the vibration of your own life.

Nominate Yourself or a Maker You Know

We want to work with women-owned businesses that are creative, inspiring, and innovative! Do you know a lady who loves what they do and owns their own business? Nominate them!