Kathleen Hooper | Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Guide, Choir Director

Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Guide, Choir Director

Denver, Colorado

Remote? Yes

Open to travel? Yes

Business name: LVDY & Awaken Voice

As a touring musical duo sharing sweet indie-folk melodies and harmonies, Kathleen & Aubrey of LVDY is hired for private shows in living rooms, backyards, venues, and just about anywhere you'd want an amazing music experience. Stories weave in and out of their tunes, with a strong connection to nature, community, and reflecting about the ups and downs of life. Through Awaken Voice, Kathleen guides people who want to sing. Plain and simple, she believes that because every person has a voice, there is a unique and powerful opportunity to use and build a relationship with it. Vocal lessons are both playful and light, while bringing in the foundational skills to understand what's happening when we sing.