Kathryn Louise Ziegler | Intuitive Transformation Coach

Intuitive Transformation Coach

Nashville, TN

Remote? Yes

Open to travel? Yes

Business name: KLZ Method

After searching for her own life's purpose, Kathryn created her own systemized approach using all the modalities that had personally brought her into deeper connection to her own truth in order to support others on their own journey. KLZ Method is a high vibe community rooted in the chakra system and based around a virtual streaming platform with nearly 100 videos.  Focusing on everything from fitness workouts with HIIT, boxing and strength classes to both yoga asana and kundalini yoga; breathwork, meditations, affirmations, mudras and more! The conscious prompts continuously bring the members back to their energy that is the source of feeling good in order to support the planet in shifting to a higher vibrational frequency.